HTTPProxy - AuthenticatedProxyType
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Proxies can make use of different protocols, a HTTPProxy - as the name suggests - will use the HTTP protocol

HTTP proxies optionally support authentication.

Element Type Required Description
BasicConnection [BasicConnectionType]
  • Occurrence: 1
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A connection specifies parameters for a Hostname and a Port to which a connection is established.

BasicAuthentication [BasicAuthenticationType]
  • Occurrence: 0..1
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The BasicAuthentication element specifies the credentials for authentication with a server, e.g. using an FTP protocol or a Proxy Protocol. Child elements include:

  • Account for authentication. For Windows Systems an account could include the domain.
  • Password for authentication. Passwords are not displayed in the YADE log files.

BasicAuthentication is available for a number of File Transfer Protocols and Proxy Protocols. The drawback with BasicAuthentication is that passwords are stored directly in configuration files. In order to avoid this you could switch to using File Transfer Protocols that allow SSHAuthentication, e.g. SFTP.


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