FilePath - string
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This parameter is used to specify an individual file or a number of files for processing. It is an alternative to the FileSpecSelection and FileListSelection.

More than one file can be specified by using a ";" between the file names. All files will be processed in the order in which they are defined in this parameter.

This parameter accepts absolute, relative and runtime paths of files that are to be processed.

In case of a relative path:

  • if the parameter Directory is specified, the path of each specified file is set relative to that directory.
  • otherwise the path is relative to the server's working directory, where the working directory depends on the server configuration.

In case of a runtime path (file to process for a file-order in a file_order_source job chain):

  • the value must be set to ${scheduler_file_path}
Element Type Required Description
  • Min: 1
  • Whitespace: preserve
The starting element is a simpleType.


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