FileList - string
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This parameter is used to specify a number of files for processing. It is an alternative to the FileSpecSelection and FilePathSelection.

This parameter specifies a file that contains records with file names in each line. The files can be specified with absolute or relative paths. Each record in this file contains the name of a file which is to be processed. All files in the file list will be processed in the sequence they appear in the file. If a file in the list does not exist then the processing will be aborted.

Future behaviour:
In case of a relative path...

  • if the parameter Directory is specified, the path of each specified file is relative to that directory.
  • otherwise the path is relative to the servers working directory, where the working directory depends on the server configuration.
Element Type Required Description
  • Min: 1
  • Whitespace: preserve
The starting element is a simpleType.


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