Who tracks issues?

SOS keeps the status of issues in the Change Management System up to date for

How to track issues?

There are a number of ways how to track issues in the Change Management System:

  • Watching Issues (available for registered Users and Customers)
  • Predefined Filters: Find issues related to your individual environment (Customers)
  • Follow Linked Issues to the SOS Ticket System (Customers)

Watching Issues (Users and Customers)

Once an issue has been created, you have the possibility to "watch" this. The Change Management System will then send you notifications by e-mail whenever the watched issue is updated. You will receive email notifications for:

  • Edits 
  • Deletions
  • Attachments
  • Comments


Predefined Filters : Find issues related to your individual environment (Customers)


If you are a Customer, you might want to create a Filter where from time to time you can keep track of the status of the bugs you reported. For that goal, you would do the following:

  1. Go to "Issues" on the top of the page
  2. Click on "Manage Filtes"
  3. Go to "Search" and on the field "Search" look for "customer"
  4. The filter "Filter for Customer" should appear:
  5. You click on that filter and go to "Save as" and give it the name you want to. Now you are the owner of this filter and it is only customizable by you.
  6. Change the last field in the search, so that where it says "ACCxxxx" you indicate your real Customer Account Number (where to find my Customer Number (question)
  7. Carry out the search and finally "Save"



Hint: Automatically after you saved this filter it will appear for you in the System Dashboard in the section "Favourite Filters"!

Find your Customer Account Number

Customers will find their Customer Account Number (in the form "ACCxxxx") in the SOS Tickeet System web interface where they originally created the tickets. On the upper right part (under the logo):

Follow Linked Issues to the SOS Ticket System (Customers)

Another possibility for Customers to track issues reported from the SOS Ticket System, is to look for the JIRA issue containing the Ticket Number.

  1. Navigate to "Issues" on the top of the page
  2. Click on "Search for issues"
  3. Navigate to "Project" and check "TIC - Trouble Ticket Management"
  4. In the Search panel navigate to "Contains text" and indicate the Trouble Ticket Number

This issue you will be directed to is just an interface between the issue you want to track in JIRA (the fix or feature)) and the incident or change request that you reported in the SOS Ticket System. The original ticket can be accessed like this: 



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