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JobScheduler provides a number of features to map the functionality of other job scheduling systems. JobScheduler does not include any built-in capabilities for automated migration from legacy workload automation products. However, the SOS provides Migration Services for a smooth transition.

There are integration scenarios that would allow JobScheduler to be operated with legacy scheduling products, e.g. by JobScheduler Agents.


A number of workload automation systems have been successfully migrated to the JobScheduler. The systems migrated include:

  • AutoSys®
  • CA® TNG® Unicenter®
    • SOS offers a compatibility mode for time and dependency based job execution as known by Unicenter.
  • Control-M®
    • SOS offers to convert Control-M jobs to JobScheduler objects as part of our Migration Services
  • Cron
    • A JITL job template is available that can be used to convert a crontab to JobScheduler jobs and job chains: see JITL Jobs by topic
  • Cronacle®
  • Tivoli Workload Scheduler®
  • Window Task Scheduler®


  • Instead of a full migration some customers prefer to keep their existing job scheduling product as a master and to replace their legacy agents by JobScheduler Agents.
    • JobScheduler provides more flexiblity with its architecture for Cluster Operation and the handling of job dependencies.
    • JobScheduler provides a better price / performance ratio an can e.g. replace legacy agents by fully functional workload instances and Agents.
  • JobScheduler can be integrated with a number of products provided that interfaces such as command line invocation or web services are available.
  • See the integration sample in Controlling JobScheduler with a Tivoli Workload Scheduler Master


  • If you are interested to verify your migration and integration scenario send an e-mail to:


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