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We assume that there is a crontab with the following content:

We assume that this file is located in /tmp/my_crontab.

The migration has two steps:

Step 1: Calling ./bin/

In the first step you call ./bin/
This creates an xml file with all jobs.

This script is used as follows:

You can create Standalone-Jobs or Order-Jobs including a Job Chain and an Order for each cron job.
Please create a target folder for the conversion (e.g. ./cron) and call the converter.

1. Standalone-Jobs

2. Order Jobs with Job Chain and Order (recommended)

This creates the file cron/cronconvert_result.xml that contains all Jobs, Job Chains and Orders for further transformation (see step 2).

Step 2: Calling ./config/xml2live.xsl

This call creates a directory ./cron/live/GlobalCollect/ that contains the JobScheduler objects (Jobs, Job Chains, Orders).
The folder has subdirectories corresponding to the paths of the cron jobs.
In our example you should get

  • ./cron/live/GlobalCollect/path_to_file/
    when you have called the cronconverter without -createJobChains or otherwise
  • ./cron/live/GlobalCollect/path_to_file/
  • ./cron/live/GlobalCollect/path_to_file/
  • ./cron/live/GlobalCollect/path_to_file/,file_sh.order.xml

with the following content:

./cron/live/GlobalCollect/path_to_file/ (Standalone-Job)


./cron/live/GlobalCollect/path_to_file/ (Order Job)





Now you can copy the folder content of ./cron/live/GlobalCollect/* to ./config/live/.

Open JOC and you see the new objects.