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Platform Support

JS7 ships with the JOC Cockpit, Controller and Agent components which can be operated on the following platforms:

  • JOC Cockpit: Windows, Linux
  • Controller: Windows, Linux
  • Agent: Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, macOS, ... and any other platforms that support a Java Virtual Machine
  • Linux: RedHat Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Oracle Linux, Amazon Linux are actively tested. Debian, Rocky Linux, Alma Linux are not actively tested.
  • Database Service: Oracle, SQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2

Platform Strategy

  • Platform-dependent JS7 Controller and JOC Cockpit
    • What this is about:
      • The Controller is developed with Scala and Java. The JOC Cockpit is developed with Java. The source code is platform independent.
    • Why we focus JS7 Controller and JOC Cockpit releases to Windows and Linux:
      • The simple reason is: effort. 
      • We apply unit testing, integration testing and system testing for Windows and Linux platforms as these count for approx. 80% of downloads for the JS7 product.
      • Extending support to additional Solaris®, HP-UX® and AIX® releases (just to name a few common Unixes) would consume considerable effort that would not be applied to improving the product but to maintaining the compatibility of binary versions of the software for specific operating systems.
    • What this means for operating system compatibility:
      • We do not say that a JS7 Controller cannot run on AIX®, in fact it works fine on this platform. We are saying that we will not ship a version tested specifically for AIX®.
      • Linux Platform Support
        • There are actively tested Linux distributions including RedHat Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Oracle Linux, Amazon Linux.
        • There are Linux distributions that are supported but not actively tested such as Debian, Rocky Linux, Alma Linux.
      • The JS7 technically makes use of Scala/Java and Windows/Unix Shell Scripts. Scala/Java are platform-independent. Unix Shell Scripts are provided close to POSIX-compatibility and support the following shell products: bash, ksh, dash, zsh.
    • What this means for build support:
      • Users of the Open Source JS7 - License are free to build the JS7 Controller and JOC Cockpit for any platform. We provide JS7 - Build instructions for Windows and Linux. The instructions for Linux should be easily adaptable for other Unixes.
      • Customers with a Commercial JS7 - License can check with SOS if their build of the JS7 Controller and JOC Cockpit for platforms other than Windows and Linux will be accepted for ongoing support.
        • SOS will not accept obligations for support if sources have been modified by users.
        • SOS will accept obligations for support if the customer provides the required engineering know how to build binaries from sources for a specific platform and provides reasonable expertise for platform-specific parts of the software.
  • Platform-independent JS7 Agent
    • The Agent is designed from scratch for platform-independence and includes no platform-specific requirements other than a Java Virtual Machine.
    • There are no platform limitations due to the software design.

More Information

For detailed information on operating systems versions, releases and the product life cycle see:

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