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Update Information

  • This article is deprecated and applies to JobScheduler releases up to 1.9
  • Starting from JobScheduler Release 1.10.5 native support for PowerShell is available
  • For detailed information see PowerShell Jobs

PowerShell as a job

Accessing parameters, coming from an order or a job, by environment variables makes it easy to use a generic job for executing PowerShell scripts. The order parameters or job parameters have to specify the name of the script and some more parameters that will be passed to the PowerShell script.

 <job title="Execute a PowerShell Script"      order="yes"      stop_on_error="no">
    <script language="shell">
  powershell -nologo -NonInteractive -noprofile -file "%SCHEDULER_PARAM_SCRIPT_FILENAME%" 
  exit %errorlevel%
    <monitor name="configuration_monitor" ordering="0">
        <script java_class="sos.scheduler.managed.configuration.ConfigurationOrderMonitor" language="java"/>

The <monitor> used in this example is required for parameter substitution of the order parameters.

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