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A simple way to reduce the number of jobs or job chains for shell scripts is to use a generic job, job chain and orders:

Example Job (Windows)
  <job order="yes"
       title="This job is a example showing the generic execution of a shell script or a shell command">
      <script language="shell">

This job will execute a script or a command that is specfied with the parameter Script2Execute.

Adding this job to a job chain like this:

Example Job Chain
  <job_chain orders_recoverable="yes"
             title="ShellExecutor: generic execution of a shell script or shell command">
      <job_chain_node state="Step.100"
      <job_chain_node state="success"/>
      <job_chain_node state="error"/>

will start this job every time an order for the job chain is scheduled like this:

Example for Order
          <param name="Script2Execute"
                 value="dir c:\temp"/>
      <run_time let_run="no"/>
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