• Fault Tolerance, Resilience and Redundancy provide high-availability of JobScheduler for a number of outage scenarios:
    • High Availability requires the system including JobScheduler, database, storage etc. to be available, not just one component. 
    • High Availability is oriented towards specific outage scenarios, not towards any possible failure. 
  • Master / Agent Resilience includes a number of measures for operational robustness:
    • Master / Agent Reconciliation allows continued execution of tasks in case of recoverable Network Connection Loss.
    • Master Service Recovery includes supported measures after a Master Service Failure.
    • Database Service Recovery includes the capability to recover in case of Database Connection Loss.
  • Master / Agent Redundancy includes a number of architecture decisions:
    • Master Clusters provide redundancy of Master instances in a network.
    • Agent Clusters can be used to compensate the outage of a server that runs an Agent.
  • Recovery Strategies provide an overview of means how to restore the scheduling service


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