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Can JobScheduler synchronize objects such as jobs or job chains between Primary and Fail-over JobScheduler instances using https, rather than using the network filesystem?


  • For operation of JobScheduler in fail-over mode, i.e. for a Primary JobScheduler and one or more Backup JobSchedulers, the only requirement is:
    • both JobScheduler instances, Primary and Backup instance, have to share the same database.
    • both JobScheduler instances should share the same configuration files and configuration objects such as jobs, job chains, orders etc.
  • Our recommendation for shared JobScheduler configurations is to use:
    • a JobScheduler Supervisor instance for remote configuration service that sends the configuration objects from the Primary JobScheduler to the Backup JobScheduler,
    • a shared file system,
    • rsync or a similar tool that synchronizes files between Primary and Backup JobScheduler.
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