Connections can be secured using private keys and certificates for the HTTPS (TLS/SSL) protocol. This applies for connections between JOC Cockpit, Controller and Agents.

  • Users can use their own certificate authority - or respective service provider - to set up JS7 - Secure Connections by TLS/SSL Certificates.
    • Users have to manage the rollout of private keys and certificates to Controller and Agent instances in a secure manner.
    • An external certificate authority can be used for any of the low, medium and high JS7 security levels.
  • Users can use the JS7 - Certificate Authority that is included with JOC Cockpit to create and to rollout private keys and certificates.
    • This includes simplified rollout to Controller instances and Agents to establish secure HTTPS connections.
    • The build-in certificate authority is applicable when operating JS7 in a low or medium security level, see JS7 - Security Architecture.

Network Connections


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