The PostNotices Instruction is used to create a number of Notices for JS7 - Notice Boards. The Notices will be waited for by the corresponding JS7 - ExpectNotices Instruction from the same or from different workflows.

  • A workflow can include any number of PostNotices Instructions to post Notices to the same or to different Notice Boards.
  • Posting a Notice does not block further execution of an order in a workflow. The order continues immediately having posted the Notice.

Starting from release 2.4.0 the PostNotice Instruction is replaced by the PostNotices Instruction allowing any number of Notices to be posted from a single instruction. The JS7 handles compatibility and automatically converts existing PostNotice Instructions to PostNotices Instructions.


  • A Notice is considered an event that the ExpectNotices Instruction is waiting for. One or more corresponding PostNotices Instructions create the Notice from the same or from different workflows.
  • Both PostNotices and ExpectNotices Instructions reference a common Notice Board identified by its name. The Notice Board implements expressions for the PostNotices Instruction and for the ExpectNotices Instruction to identify a common Notice ID. The Notice ID typically is identified from a common part of each Order ID of the posting and expecting orders, for example, from the daily plan date.
    • Example
      • An Order ID #2021-07-24#T7142453954-myOrder1 is running in a workflow and meets a PostNotices Instruction. The Notice Board referenced by this instruction includes an expression for the posting order to create a Notice ID based on the daily plan date included with the Order ID. The expression extracts the date from the Order ID, i.e. 2021-07-24, and makes this date the Notice ID.
      • An expecting Order ID #2021-07-24#T7142454683-myOrder2 meets an ExpectNotices Instruction in its workflow. The instruction similarly applies the expression from the referenced Notice Board to create a Notice ID. In most situations the rule about what to extract from an Order ID is the same for the posting and the expecting orders.
        • If both instructions identify the same Notice ID, i.e. the daily plan date 2021-07-24, then the expectation is met and the order proceeds with the next step following the ExpectNotices Instruction.
        • If the expectation is not met, for example if the Notice has not yet been created by a posting order, or if the daily plan date of the Notice ID of the posting and expecting orders is not the same, then the expecting order will wait until a matching Notice becomes available.
  • Any number of workflows can implement PostNotices Instructions and ExpectNotices Instructions referencing the same or different Notice Boards.

Workflow Instruction: PostNotices

The PostNotices Instruction is managed from a workflow in the Configuration view of JOC Cockpit:

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