JS7 ships under dual licensing with an Open Source license and a Commercial license, see the JS7 - License article for more information.

  • An Open Source license cannot expire, there is no such thing as a license key involved when using the Open Source license.
  • A Commercial license can expire according to the license model in use.

For details about possible locations of a license key see JS7 - How to apply a JS7 License Key.

For details about license expiration warnings see JS7 - How to manage License Expiration Warnings.

The following information explains how to check the expiration date of a Commercial license key.

License Key

The license key ships as an X.509 certificate file that is signed by SOS.

The extension of the license key file is .pem.

Check License Key Expiration Date with Windows

Windows provides a mechanism to start the built-in Certificate application which displays certificate details:

  • Rename the extension of the license key file from .pem to .crt, e.g. from sos.pem to sos.crt.
  • Double click the *.crt license key file to open the Windows Certificate application.
  • You can verify the license key expiration date from the date indicated by "Valid from ... to ...".

For more detailed information use the "Details" tab:

  • The "Details" tab displays the precise hour, minute, second when the license key will expire.

Check License Key Expiration Date with Unix

On Unix operating systems the OpenSSL utility is usually available. This can be used to check the expiration date of an X.509 certificate file such as sos.pem like this:

openssl x509 -enddate -noout -in sos.pem

What to do if the License Key did expire?