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Are there any phone support options, or is there someone always watching the mailbox for those 1-hour-need emergency situations?


  • We dispose of a dedicated Support Team that is watching the ticket channels for incoming messages.
  • You should always use our ticket system in order to guarantee a complete submission of a support request. Usually it makes hardly any sense to report a problem by phone as we need log files to start the analysis, see What information will SOS need when you submit a support request? If you wanted to speak in person to the Support Agent then please ask for a callback in the ticket. We preferably use web conferencing that works with computer access and phone access. Therefore the rule is “don’t call us, we’ll call you”.
  • If you have doubts that your ticket has been added or during an outage of our ticket system you can use e-mail to in order to contact us.
  • If you have doubts that your e-mail has been received or in case of outage of our mail server you can phone us at +49 30 86 47 90 0.
  • You will find more details in the section on Product Maintenance Services.
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