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This article only applies to the Classic JOC interface


The information provided on this page only applies to the Classic JOC user interface, which is entering retirement:


The JOC Cockpit user interface replaces JOC:


See the JOC Cockpit article as a starting point for information about the JOC Cockpit.


If you have a lot of objects, then the response time of JOC slows down when using the list view:

  • This is especially reflected in the list view of the objects.
  • The tree view can be much faster.
  • The tree view is implemented since release 1.3.8 for jobs and job chain and since 1.3.12 also for orders and schedules.
  • While in the list view all objects of the current tab will be displayed, in the tree view only the objects of opened folders are displayed.
  • So, the JobScheduler answer after an update of a list view contains all objects of the current tab, making the answer correspondingly large.

If you have a lot of objects, then use the tree view:

  • This is particularly performant, if you save your objects in subdirectories of the Hot Folder (./config/live).
  • In this case are not all objects of the current tab in the JobScheduler answer, but only those of the opened directories.
  • Further the performance depends on the network velocity.

You can check the response time if you switch on the log window. For this go to Help|Extras->Settings and edit the debug leveh1. 3.
Then you see in a new tab some log lines like

If you want a logging of a single operation in JOC then close the log tab before you execute the operation in JOC and a clear new tab will be created.

Set the debug level0 to switch off the logging and close the log tab.