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Transactional Transfer

This parameter specifies whether a transfer should be processed within a single transaction,


The following applies when the value true is specified:

  • The AtomicSuffix and/or AtomicPrefix parameters have to be specified to cause target files to be created on the target system with a suffix and/or prefix such as "~".  
    After the transfer has been completed, the names of these files will then be changed back to their original values. 
    (See Atomicity)
  • If at least one file out of a set of files cannot be transferred successfully then no files will be renamed. 
    Instead the files that were written on the target system under their temporary names will be removed.
  • The Move operation that causes files to be removed after successful transfer will only be effective after all files have been successfully transferred. 
    Otherwise no files will be removed.


  • Transactional transfer requires rename permission on the target host (to remove the atomic prefix / suffix).
  • Transactional transfer is is a two phase operation and is not 100% reliable - there are situations where rollback is not possible.
    • For example, consider the situation where a number of files are transferred transactionally to a remote system, and update - i.e. overwrite - already existing files.
      • If, during the rename/overwrite transfer phase, one of the files to be overwritten has been opened by another process, access to this file will be denied and the transfer will fail.

      • The file copy or move transfer phase can be rolled back but the files that have been overwritten cannot be reverted to their previous state.

  • All protocols that can be used for transfer to a target support a Rename Rename operation.