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The following file filtering options can be used to filter the files that are to be transferred:

  • FileAge

    • FileAge sets the minimum and/or maximum file age
  • FileSize

    • FileSize sets the minimum and/or maximum file size
  • ResultSet

    • The ResultsSet parameter handles the result set of a Selection of files from the source host. The result set can be written into a file or, when YADE is run as a JobScheduler job, checked against an expectation.


    • SkipFiles allows the first and/or last files found to be omitted from transfer


  • MaxFiles

    • The MaxFiles parameter allows the maximum number of files to be transferred to be set. All other files will be ignored.


  • Profile
    • Operation
      • Copy
        • CopySource
          • CopySourceFragmentRef
            • SourceFileOptions
              • Selection (required)
              • FileAge
              • FileSize
              • ResultSetSkipFiles
              • MaxFiles
              • Other optional file selection elements