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This parameter specifies the source of a Move operation.

The following frequently used settings groups are available:

Element Type Required Description
MoveSourceFragmentRef [ReadableFragmentRefType]
  • Occurrence: 1
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This element references a readable fragment that is used to move files in a Move operation.

Any number of reusable Fragments elements can be configured and are distinguished by YADE based on their name attribute.

A subsequent fragment reference element points to the fragment that is used as source in the Move operation.

  • Occurrence: 0..unbounded
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Alternative fragements can be specified as a replacement for existing file transfer fragments in case that a connection cannot be established with those fragments.

Alternative fragments can be specified from a range of protocol fragments for use with the source of a file transfer operation without modifying files.

For each fragment type depending on the file transfer protocol in use an alternative fragment type is available.

  • Occurrence: 1
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These options apply to the handling of files on a source server. They specify e.g. the Selection of files for Copy and Move operations.


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