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AuthenticationFile - string
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The value of this parameter specifies the path and name of an account's private key file used for SSHAuthentication. This parameter must be specified if the authentication method AuthenticationMethodPublickey is used.

Should the private key file be secured by a passphrase then this must be specified using the Passphrase parameter.

Authentication files are most often stored in the user home directory in a .ssh folder and have to be secured with the proper file permissions. However, any path can be specified for an authentication file with this parameter. The location of the authentication file has to be accessbible for the account that runs the YADE Client. For Unix systems file permissions 600 are required for authentication files.

Support for KeePass versions 1 and 2.

Note: Availability starting with YADE-464.

Referencing CredentialStore fields.

Note: Availability starting with YADE-481.

Referencing a field in the CredentialStore is effected by the following syntax:



  • cs://         is a constant prefix that is used by YADE to identify this setting to be a reference to a CredentialStore.
  • entry_path      specifies the path to an entry within the CredentialStore database. Folders (groups) within a path are separated by a slash "/". This setting is optional. If ommitted then the value of the CSEntryPath configuration item is used.
  • entry_field          is one of the standard fields available in a CredentialStore:
    • title
    • user
    • password
    • url
    • notes
    • attachment
    or the custom fields.

<Hostname> element:

  • Usage like the examples below.
  • If the entry field value is defined with host:port, YADE sets the <Hostname> and <Port> automatically.


  • Examples for fully specified entry path:
    • <Domain>, <Hostname>, <Account>, <Password>, <Passphrase> elements:
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@title
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@user
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@password
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@url
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@notes
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@my_custom_field
    • <AuthenticationFile> element:
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@attachment - the first attachment
      • cs://sos/mft_server/srv001@my_custom_field - a specified attachment
  • Examples without fully specified entry path:
    • <Domain>, <Hostname>, <Account>, <Password>, <Passphrase> elements:
      • cs://@title
      • cs://@user
      • cs://@password
      • cs://@url
      • cs://@notes
      • cs://@my_custom_field
    • <AuthenticationFile> element:
      • cs://@attachment - the first attachment
      • cs://@my_custom_field - a specified attachment
Element Type Required Description
  • Min: 1
  • Whitespace: preserve
The starting element is a simpleType.


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