• The YADE Background Service contains essentially a JobScheduler job which imports the YADE Client transfer history into a database.
  • For this the YADE Client sends for each transfer an order to the YADE Background Service.
    • You have to configure some parameters (see below) in the profiles of the YADE Client so it knows the JobScheduler and the name of the Background Service job chain where the order is to be sent.


  • A JobScheduler has to be up and running.


  • The downloads of the YADE Background Service comes since release 1.8.0 without an installer.
  • Please extract the downloaded archive jade_background_service.<release>.(tar.gz|zip) directly in the SCHEDULER_DATA directory of a JobScheduler installation.


Configuration of the database in the YADE Background Service

  • By default the YADE Background Service uses the JobScheduler database. All database tables are created with the JobScheduler installer.
  • Edit the file ./config/sos/jade/jade_history_db.params.xml to configure a different database for the YADE Background Service.
    • If you don't use the JobScheduler database then you have to create the database tables which are described in SCHEDULER_HOME/db/<dbms>/sosftphistory.sql.
  • The database has to be the same as is used from the YADE History Viewer.

Configuration of the YADE Client

  • Use the following parameters ...
    • in a [globals] section of the YADE settings file if you want that the YADE Client sends transfer history data to the Background Service for all profiles 
    • Alternatively this setting can be applied to individual profiles if the transfer history should not be be sent for all profiles.
Example in [globals] section
BackgroundServiceJobChainName = /sos/jade/jade_history
BackgroundServiceHost         = myJobSchedulerHost
BackgroundServicePort         = 4444
SendTransferHistory           = true
  • Please note that since release 1.8.0 the YADE Background Service job chain location has changed.
  • It is required to set the parameter: BackgroundServiceJobChainName = /sos/jade/jade_history