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Starting Situation

  • In a number of situations use of the JOC Cockpit GUI is not applicable, e.g. when automating tasks.
  • This includes e.g.
    • to check if a Master is up and running or if it is down.
    • to identify the active Master in a passive cluster.

Use Cases

Identify the Active Master in a Passive Cluster

PS > Connect-JS -Url http://localhost:4446 -AskForCredentials -Id some-jobscheduler-id
PS > Get-JSMasterCluster -Active

clusterType    : @{_type=PASSIVE; precedence=0}
host           : apmacwin
jobschedulerId : apmacwin_4444
port           : 40444
startedAt      : 06.08.2020 06:19:45
state          : @{_text=RUNNING; severity=0}
surveyDate     : 10.08.2020 17:05:22
url            : http://apmacwin:40444


  • Line 1: The Connect-JS cmdlet connects to JOC Cockpit at the given URL and pre-selects the Master cluster specified with the value of the -Id parameter.
  • Line 2: The Get-JSMasterCluster cmdlet is used with the -Active parameter to return the currently active instance only. The result object includes information such as the URL and state of the active Master.

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