The JobScheduler Command Line Interface (JCLI) can be used to control
JobScheduler instances (start, stop, status) and job-related objects
such as jobs, job chains, orders, tasks.

The JobScheduler CLI is implemented by a PowerShell Module that supports Windows PowerShell 2.0 and above.


The JobScheduler Command Line Interface is used for the following 
areas of operation:

  • work as a replacement for command scripts
    • JobScheduler start script .\bin\jobscheduler.cmd:
      • provide operations for installing and removing the JobScheduler Windows service
      • starting and stopping JobScheduler instances including active and passive clusters
    • JobScheduler Event script .\bin\jobscheduler_event.cmd
  • provide bulk operations:
    • select jobs, job chains, orders and tasks
    • manage orders with operations for start, stop and removal
    • suspend and resume jobs, job chains and orders
    • terminate tasks
  • schedule jobs and orders:
    • add orders to job chains
    • start jobs
  • manage Agents
    • retrieve Agent clusters
    • check Agent status


The PowerShell Command Line Interface is available from GitHub at