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Permissions are assigned at the following levels:

  • JOC Cockpit permissions includes any operations in the GUI or by the underlying REST Web Service.
    • The same permissions apply to a user account with any connected JOC Cockpit cluster instance.
  • Controller permissions include to deploy objects such as workflows to a Controller and to remove them.
    • Permissions are handled per Controller.
    • A JOC Cockpit instance can be connected to a number of Controllers, e.g. for production use and for non-production use. User accounts can be assigned different permission sets for Controllers.
  • Folder permissions include any of the above permissions within the scope of a folder hierarchy of objects such as workflows.
    • A user account can be assigned permissions to view and to manage objects on a per folder bases.
    • This allows to manage different user groups, e.g. working for different departments or mandators, to use the same JOC Cockpit instance without seeing each other's scheduling objects.



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