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A user tries to install the JOC Cockpit and gets an error when tryng to start the Windows service.


| Start Jetty service for JOC (JobScheduler Operations Center)
Le service SOS JOC (JobScheduler Operations Center) démarre.
Le service SOS JOC (JobScheduler Operations Center) n'a pas pu êté lancé

Une erreur spécifique … un service s'est produit: 5.

Vous obtiendrez une aide supplémentaire en entrant NET HELPMSG 3547.


The log file joc.YYYY-MM-DD.log shows the following information:

[2016-12-26 14:08:11] [info] [10424] Commons Daemon procrun ( 32-bit) started
[2016-12-26 14:08:11] [info] [10424] Service sos_joc name SOS JOC (JobScheduler Operations Center)
[2016-12-26 14:08:12] [info] [10424] Service 'sos_joc' installed
[2016-12-26 14:08:12] [info] [10424] Commons Daemon procrun finished
[2016-12-26 14:08:12] [info] [8708] Commons Daemon procrun ( 32-bit) started
[2016-12-26 14:08:12] [info] [8708] Running 'sos_joc' Service ...
[2016-12-26 14:08:12] [info] [3988] Starting service ...
[2016-12-26 14:08:13] [error] [3988] Failed to execute process
[2016-12-26 14:08:13] [error] [3988] Invalid directory name.
[2016-12-26 14:08:13] [error] [3988] ServiceStart returned 5
[2016-12-26 14:08:13] [error] [3988] Invalid directory name.
[2016-12-26 14:08:13] [info] [8708] Run service finished.


The Windows Service tries to locate the Java Virtual Machine from a non-existing directory. This happens due to the fact that the JVM is not found from the PATH - as e.g. with the installer - but from the Windows Registry or JAVA_HOME environment variable. If the JAVA_HOME environment variable points to a non-existing directory then the above error "Invalid directory name" is raised and the Windows Service will not start.

A frequent misunderstanding is to point the JAVA_HOME to the bin directory of the JVM, e.g. JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_111\bin when in fact it should point to the installation directory of the JDK or JRE, e.g. JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_111.

Find the complete SourceForge discussion from the [JOC] Start services failed thread.

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