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A user wants to enable the JOC with Jetty, but the JOC is not accessible outside its local server for other hosts.


We suggest that you perform your checks in the following sequence (assuming that the JOC Cockpit is operated with port 4446):

  • Checks performed directly on the server where JobScheduler is located:

    • using http://localhost:4446 in your browser is assumed to work as the localhost is implicitely supported.
    • verify if http://yourhost:4446 works replacing yourhost with the hostname:
      • if it works then check the <allowed_hosts> setting in ./config/scheduler.xml:
        • using <allowed_host host="" level="all"/> grants access to all hosts in the network.
        • using <allowed_host host="my_hostname" level="all"/> grants access to the specified host. You could specify ip addresses as well.
      • if it doesn't work then JobScheduler probably is not bound to the ip address of your hostname but to the localhost only, i.e. it is listening to localhost on port 4446 but not to yourhost. This is a setting that you entered during setup. Best would be to repeat the setup and to specify the hostname correctly (no uninstall required).
  • Checks performed outside of the server where JobScheduler is located:

    • Use telnet yourhost 4446 to check if a connection can be established:
      • If this works but http://yourhost:4446 would not work from your browser then check your browser settings, e.g. for enforced use of a proxy that might not be included with the
        <allowed_host> setting.
      • If this doesn't work then check the firewall of the JobScheduler host to accept incoming TCP connections to that port and check the firewall of your localhost to allow outgoing connections on port 4446.

Quite frequently the source of this problem is a firewall issue that denies access to the specified port.

Find the complete SourceForge discussion from the JOC with Jetty port not available outside the server thread.

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