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JOC Cockpit is operated seamlessly after installation. However, on the next day users get an "Unauthorized to access JOC Cockpit" error message and cannot log in.


If a MySQL DBMS is being used by the JobScheduler, then the MySQL wait_timeout setting that rules the max. lifetime of idle connections should be checked and if necessary extended. 

  • The default wait_timeout for MySQL is relatively short (some hours) and the JOC Cockpit cannot keep the connection busy without user interaction over longer periods of time such as overnight. 
  • See the following article for instructions about how to change the MySQL DBMS timeout variable:
  • If the DBMS wait_timeout is too short users will get an "Unauthorized to access JOC Cockpit" message together with a JOC-407 error message after submitting their credentials. However, restarting the JOC Cockpit web service / daemon will create a new database connection and allow authorized users to log in again.


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