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The JID Dashboard is entering retirement:


The JOC Cockpit user interface is a replacement for JID:


Starting from JobScheduler release 1.7. JID has a login option.

If you are updating from an older release then the following changes will be made to your configuration:

  • JID will connect to a JobScheduler instance identified by a JobScheduler ID. The JobScheduler ID will be part of the call parameters in the start script|cmd.
  • In the file $SCHEDULER_DATA/config/scheduler.xml of the JobScheduler Instance that JID is connected to, two new parameters are included:
    <param name="security_server_address" value="http://localhost:nnnnn"/>
    <param name="security_server_enabled" value="true"/>
    • security_server_address is the host:port address of the security server. Usually this is the JobScheduler connectet to JID.
    • With security_server_enabled you can disable the login and JID will start without login. The permissions will be set by the call parameters -enable_joe -enable_events -enable_joc
  • In the database table SCHEDULER_INSTANCES a new field named jetty_port number (9) is added. It has to contain the Jetty port of the security server.
  • The classpath configured in the file factory.ini will be added the configuration directory of the security server
  • In the configuration directory of the security server a file shiro.ini will be stored. Additionally an example file for authentification with LDAP or with a database will be present. The file shiro.ini defines a user root/root who will have all permissions.
  • In the file scheduler.xml of the security server a plugin will be added:
      <plugin java_class="">

and to the file web.xml the following modifications apply:

    <servlet-name>Jersey REST Service</servlet-name>
    <servlet-name>Jersey REST Service</servlet-name>
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