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Parameters normally are fixed values. In some cases, you want to calculate a paramter value in step A and then want to use this as a part of a parameter value in step B.

To do this you have two possibilities.

1.Using node parameters. These parameters can contain values like ${par}. This will be substituted at runtime with the value of order parameter par

2.Using internal substitution. Some jobs of JITL are providing substitution as well.

Example using node parameters

In this example we have a job chain with two jobs

If you run this example, you will see the line in the log:
(Task sample/job_using_param:3156) myParam has the value value_myValue

The job chain with two steps

Setting the value

Using the value

Node parameters

Download configuration

2.Using internal substitution

Setting the hostname

Using value

Please note, that you have to a add a backslash to parameter name like ${hostname} This option is available since version

Download configuration

Further References

Job Chain and Job Chain Node Parameters



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