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Accessing node parameters

  • If you define node parameters then these parameters are stored in an extra file in the same directory as the job chain.
  • When executing the job remotely with a JobScheduler Agent, this file will not be available on the remote host.

There are two options to solve this

  1. Copy the content of the file to the order payload.
    • If you want to use node parameters for a step that is executed remotely then it is required to have at least one locally executed step with node parameters before.
    • If you have no local step before, please add a dummy node before the remote node and assign a dummy parameter to this step.
    • Add the configuration monitor com.sos.jitl.jobchainnodeparameter.monitor.JobchainNodeSubstituteMonitor to this job.
    • If you have assigned the Universal Agent cluster to the whole job chain
      • Define a dummy process class only with the max_processes attribut
      • Assign this process class to the dummy job

2. Copy the file to the Universal Agent or a share and specify the new location

Normally it is sufficient to specify the location of the configuration and store the original file with unchanged file name there.

    • With configurationMonitor_configuration_path  the live folder can be changed.
    • optional: With configurationMonitor_configuration_file the name of the configuration file can be changed

Related Downloads

  • You can download a example from here. Please modify in the example configuration the process class to fit your environment.

Further References

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