YADE profiles with settings for transfer history, log file and Background Service


YADE logs each and every file transfer in a local CSV history file and in a log4j format file. The transfer file history can be sent to the YADE Background Service.
The Background Service will insert the transfer history into a table of its database.

Example for transfer profile with global settings for transfer history, log file and Background Service

jade_settings.ini file with settings for history CSV, log file and Background Service:

 file_notification_to      = admin@example.com
 file_notification_subject = YADE Client mail
 file_notification_body    = This is a test.
 mail_smtp                 = mail.example.com
 BackgroundServiceHost     = 8of9.sos
 BackgroundServicePort     = 4210
 SendTransferHistory       = true
 TransferMethod            = TCP

 log_filename      = ${basedir}/jade_history.log
 HistoryFileName   = ${basedir}/jade_history.csv

 include           = MailSettings , JADEHistory, BackgroundService
 title             = Global Profile
 basedir           = C:\sos-berlin.com\jade

In this example all files with the file name extension .txt should be transferred from the server wilma via SFTP to the server 8of9 by FTP. the folders are not explicitly specified and therefore the home folders of the user is selected. YADE will write the transfer history into a CSV file and will send the log entry to the Background Service

Define profiles using the include directive

The include parameter will include the named profiles in the order they are defined. The globals profile is included automatically, no need to specific it in an include parameter.
The profiles have to be defined in the same settings file:

 include                = globals 
 source_user            = kb
 source_password        = ***** 
 source_ssh_auth_method = password
 source_host            = wilma.sos
 source_protocol        = sftp
 source_port            = 22
 target_user            = test
 target_password        = *****
 target_host            = 8of9.sos
 target_protocol        = ftp
 target_port            = 21
 operation              = copy
 file_spec              = ^.*\.txt$

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