Community Contributions

  • Community contributions are essential. They prove that this is a living project.
  • Your contributions are valuable and important for the dialog between users, maintainers and developers.
  • In the following chapters find a list of ways that you, the members of the JobScheduler / YADE community, can help improve the products you use.

Community Services

Early Adoption

  • Use Release Candidates with upcoming releases and report on your experiences.
  • Try out Candidate Features that are not yet included in releases.
  • Report usability issues from early adoption.
  • Please let us know if you would like to share our Early Adopter Program and send an e-mail to:

Bug Reports

  • Report bugs in our ticket systems, see our Community Resources page for more information.
  • Suggest workarounds that would bridge the time until the next maintenance release.
  • Install maintenance releases and confirm problem resolution.

Feature Requests

  • Let us know the real world situations you have to meet. 
  • Add user stories to your feature request - this will help us to better understand the functional requirements.
  • Let us know of your interest in specific features. This would provide us an estimate of the relevance of specific features. 

Code Contributions

  • We do accept code contributions. However, some rules and regulations have to be considered to guarantee the quality and maintainability of the products.
  • For more information see Code Contributions

Community Membership

  • Become an active member of the Open Source product community.
  • Receive access to voting for articles, to commenting and editing of articles to chat sessions.
  • Please, apply for Community Membership

Community Feedback

  • Your feedback is important to us. We will try to consider your propositions, particularly if we receive similar responses from many users.
  • Please, participate in our surveys and send us your Feedback.