• The JS7 - Identity Services offer local management of user accounts for authentication and authorization.
  • The Shiro Identity Service was a built-in service available with the JOC Cockpit
    • The Shiro Identity Service was available for early releases of JS7.
    • The Shiro Identity Service has been discontinued: 
  • A migration tool is available for users who are upgrading from early JS7 2.0, 2.1 releases or who are migrating from JS1 1.12, 1.13 releases.

Identity Service Type

The following integration level is available from Identity Service Types that can be used with JOC:

Identity ServiceIdentity Service Configuration ItemsJOC Cockpit Configuration
Service TypeBuilt-inUser Accounts/Passwords
stored with
User Accounts/Passwords
managed by
stored with
Roles->User Accounts Mapping
managed with
SHIROyesJS7 Database / shiro.iniJOC CockpitJS7 Database / shiro.iniJOC Cockpit

The SHIRO Service Type is

  • deprecated with release 2.2.0
  • unsupported with release 2.3.0
  • removed with release 2.4.0


  • Service Type: SHIRO
    • Management of user accounts and passwords is performed by the JOC Cockpit.
    • The assignment of roles to user accounts is performed by the JOC Cockpit.
    • The JOC Cockpit stores user accounts, hashed passwords and role assignments:
      • in the JS7 - Database and
      • in the JETTY_BASE/resources/joc/ file.
      • Users can create a copy of the file, add their modifications and submit changes by renaming the file to shiro.ini. With the next login of a user the shiro.ini file will be applied and its contents added to the JS7 database. As a result of this operation the shiro.ini file is renamed to A previously available file will be renamed to shiro.ini.backup.

Identity Service Configuration

The JOC Cockpit provides the Manage Identity Services page for the configuration of Identity Services. This page is accessed from the user menu of an administrative account::

Identity Service Settings

No settings are required for use of the Shiro Identity Service.


  • Log Files
  • Standard Log Files
    • Identity Services log output to the JETTY_BASE/logs/joc.log file. This includes reporting success or failure of authentication.
    • Successful and failed authentication attempts including user accounts involved are logged to the JETTY_BASE/logs/audit.log file.
  • Debug Log Files
    • For problem analysis during setup of an Identity Service increase the log level as explained with JS7 - Log Levels and Debug Options.
    • The JETTY_BASE/logs/joc-debug.log file includes general debug output of JOC Cockpit.
    • The JETTY_BASE/logs/authentication-debug.log file includes debug output related to authentication and authorization.
    • The JETTY_BASE/logs/jetty.log file includes debug output of attempts to establish SSL connections.

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