JS7 provides a summary of job executions performed per Agent:

  • This information is useful to determine the daily load for specific Agents.
  • This information is used by customers of a commercial JS7 - License to report job executions for a pay-per-use license model.

Agent Job Executions

Agent Job Executions are available from the Resources->Agent Job Executions sub-view like this:


  • This view offers a number of filters:
    • Current Controller: The checkbox switches between results for the currently selected Controller and any registered Controllers.
    • All, Today, Last Hour, ...: The filter buttons limit display of job executions to the indicated period.
  • Columns display the following information:
    • Agent ID, Agent URL: The Agent ID is specified on registration of an Agent and cannot be changed during the lifetime of an Agent. Modifying the Agent ID requires to drop the Agent's journal, for example by resetting the Agent. The Agent URL can change during an Agent's lifetime should the same Agent become accessible from a different URL, for example when switching protocol from HTTP to HTTPS.
    • Number of successfully executed tasks: The JS7 - Terminology defines
      • a job the specification of what should be executed,
      • a task the instance of a Job that is executed. A Job can run in a number of parallel Tasks.
      • A successfully executed task completes with a return code that is specified by the Job configuration to signal success. This usually includes exit code 0 but is not limited to this value.
    • Number of tasks executed:  This number includes tasks that completed successfully and tasks that failed.
  • An Advanced Filter is available that allows to specify date ranges and to further limit results per Agent.
  • This view allows to export data for reporting purposes, for details see JS7 - Views - Export Data.

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