• The Monitor Service is used to check the results of the execution of workflows and jobs from any connected Controllers and to add them to the JS7 - Monitor.
  • As a result, errors and warnings that occur during workflow execution will become visible in the Monitor view of the GUI and can be forwarded by JS7 - Notification. Due to the asynchronous nature of JS7 products this task is performed by a background service.


The Monitor Service inspects the execution history of workflows and jobs including information such as start time, end time and execution result.

The Monitor Service can be configured:

  • to report about successful and failed workflows and jobs,
  • to report about jobs running longer or shorter than expected.


Notifications are created based on monitoring results - for example, to report failed workflow executions by e-mail.

More information is available in the JS7 - Notification article.

Interaction with Controller

The Monitor Service uses the JS7 - History Service to receive events about workflow execution from a Controller via the Proxy Service as described in the JS7 - System Architecture article.

The Controller holds events occurring from JS7 - Order State Transitions for the subscribed History Service instances and forwards them to the History Service. After the subscribed History Service instances have received events and confirmed receipt by releasing events, the Controller will then drop the events from its journal.

Behavior of the Monitor Service in case of Outages

If a Controller is not active or if the network connection to a Controller is not available then the History Service will repeatedly try to connect. This behavior will continue for minutes, hours and days. The Monitor Service will receive events after successful reconnection of the History Service.

Should a fail-over or switch-over occur with a Controller then this will not affect the History Service which is automatically routed to the active Controller instance by the Proxy Service. The Monitor Service receives events from the active Controller instance accordingly.


There are no configuration items for the Monitor Service.


  • The Monitor Service logs general messages, warnings and errors in the joc.log file.
  • More detailed information in addition is logged in the Main Log service-monitor.log file.
  • In addition to the Main Log detailed debug information is logged in the Debug Log service-monitor-debug.log file.
  • For details see the JS7 - Log Files and Locations article.