Jobs are used within workflows for executing shell commands, scripts and binaries with JS7 Agents.

  • Job implementations come with the following flavors:
    • Shell Jobs are executed with the operating system shell, for example the Windows Shell or one of the Unix Shells such as /bin/sh, /bin/bash etc.
      • Shell jobs can include any shell commands, calls to scripts and executable files.
      • Such jobs behave similarly to individual commands being executed in the command line of the operating system.
      • Shell jobs allow the use of scripting languages such as Node.js, Perl, PowerShell, Python etc. These require an interpreter to be installed with the OS that can be executed from the command line.
    • JVM Jobs are implemented in a number of supported languages that can be operated for a Java Virtual Machine and for which the Agent exposes the JS7 - Job API.. The languages supported include:
      • Java Jobs: are executed in the JVM provided by the JS7 Agent.
      • JavaScript Jobs require use of the Oracle® GraalVM Java Virtual Machine with the JS7 Agent. The JVM provides the interpreter/compiler for the respective scripting language.
  • The timeslots during which jobs are executed can be limited by JS7 - Admission Times for Jobs.


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