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The JS7 - Workflow Editor offers to manage properties for workflows and jobs.

For job scripts within a workflow a specific editor is provided that allows to work with longer scripts.

Script Editor

Invoke Script Editor

The JOC Cockpit Configuration->Inventory View offers the Script Editor for modification of job scripts:

  • Job scripts can be directly edited from the multiline input field in the lower right corner of the property editor.
  • When moving the mouse into the job script input field then the  pencil icon is displayed. Clicking this icon invokes the Script Editor.

Edit Job Script

When the Script Editor is invoked then the following popup window is displayed:

The Script Editor comes with a number of capabilities:

  • Syntax highlighting
    • For frequently used script languages such as bash, PowerShell, Perl etc. the syntax is considered.
  • Resizing
    • The right and lower border of the popup window offer to resize the window
  • Search and Replace
    • The Find button allows to search for strings
    • The Replace/Replace All buttons offer respective replacements to be perfomed.
  • Undo / Redo
    • Buttons for undo/redo can be used to revert/repeat the last editing steps

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