JS7 can be installed and operated on a user's premises.

Links to download JS7 products are provided in the JS7 - Download article.

  • Graphical Installer
    • Graphical installers are provided for the installation of the Controller, Agent and JOC Cockpit in Windows environments.
    • Similarly a graphical installer can be used for installation of JOC Cockpit in Linux environments (requires an X-Server).
    • The installer for JOC Cockpit can be used in headless mode.
  • Automated Installation from Scripts
  • Manual Installation from .tar.gz/.zip Archive 
    • For Unix environments the Agent ships from a .tar.gz archive. No installer is required for Unix platforms as the Agent ships ready to run from the archive.
    • For Window environments the Agent can be extracted from a .zip archive and does not require administrative privileges for installation. Running an Agent as a Windows Service requires administrative privileges.

No specific sequence of installation is required for the Controller, Agent and JOC Cockpit. However, all products have to be in place before JS7 - Initial Operation.



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