• The JS7 - Download page provides information and links to download current releases of the product. For the initial installation procedure see the JS7 - Installation articles.
  • Any updates or upgrades are performed using the .tar.gz/.zip installation archive files provided for the initial installation of newer releases. Instructions provided by the JS7 - Installation section apply to updates and upgrades.

Before updating or upgrading users should identify what versions of JS7 products are in use and if they are considered compatible.

Version in Use

Users can identify the version of JS7 products in use from the JOC Cockpit GUI.

In addition the version is stated with the respective JS7 product's log file during start-up of the product:

  • Agent: <JS7_AGENT_DATA>/logs/agent.log
  • Controller: <JS7_AGENT_DATA>/logs/controller.log
  • JOC Cockpit: <JETTY_BASE>/logs/joc.log

For details see JS7 - Log Files and Locations. If log files are rotated then the version information is available with the log file created during initial start-up, see JS7 - Log Rotation.

JOC Cockpit Version

Users can click the JS7 logo available from any page in JOC Cockpit to identify the version in use by JOC Cockpit:

Controller Version

The Controller version is displayed per instance from the bottom of the Dashboard view:

Consider the icon that acts as the compatibility indicator:

Agent Version

Agent versions are displayed from the Resources->Agents view. The meaning of the compatibility indicator is similar as for the Controller.

Compatibility Indicator

There are rules in place about compatibility of releases. However, such rules can differ for specific minor/maintenance releases.

The compatibility indicator provides the authoritative information.

Compatibility Level

Consider the icon that acts as the compatibility indicator:

  • A green color as in indicates full compatibility of the Controller version with the JOC Cockpit version.
  • A yellow color indicates limited compatibility.
    • For example, a newer Controller version can be used to redeploy and to run existing workflows with older Agents. However this might not work for newly created workflows that include instructions known to the newer version of the JOC Cockpit and Controller only.
  • A red color as in indicates incompatibility.
    • An incompatible Agent can still show a coupled connection status, however, the Agent is not usable for workflow execution.

Consider that maintenance releases can differ and can still be considered fully compatible:

Consider that different minor releases in most cases will be considered incompatible:

Compatibility Scope

Consider occurrence of the icon that appears in scope of Controller and Agents:

  • The indicator displayed with a Controller states the compatibility of the Controller with the JOC Cockpit version.
  • The indicator displayed with an Agent states the compatibility of the Agent with the Controller version.


  • A newer JOC Cockpit version might indicate limited compatibility with an older Controller version in place.
  • At the same time Agents can state full compatibility with the Controller version in place.