Triggering Error Conditions


Can a job call a database procedure or successor job as a method of handling errors?


Error states within job chains are assigned to job and it is up to you to implement a job for error handling. The JobScheduler can be configured to send mails with an attached log file in the event of errors when a specific error handling job is not used.

The use of successor jobs in case of errors can be configured using the on_exit_code attribute:

    <job stop_on_error="no">
      <commands on_exit_code="error">
        <start_job job="my_error_handler"><params/></start_job>

This configuration lets the job start a successor in case of an error that is signaled by an exit code that is not 0. In addition, this example causes the job to continue in case of errors (<job stop_on_error=...>), i.e. the normal behavior for jobs that are not in job chains - to stop the job in case of errors - does not apply. Individual exit codes and ranges of exit codes can be specified for the on_exit_code attribute.