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License Key for the JobScheduler


JobScheduler is asking for a license key - isn't this software Open Source?


Running JobScheduler on Unix with the binary file ./bin/scheduler or on Windows with the file ./bin/scheduler.exe will result in the error message:

SOS-1000 No licence key was found or licence key has expired. Please contact your systems administrator or Software- und Organisations-Service GmbH, Fax +49 (30) 861 33 35, Mail [Scheduler].


To start JobScheduler use the shell script ./bin/ (Unix) or ./bin/jobscheduler.cmd (Windows). The binary files are parametrized by the start script. One of the parameters (-sos.ini=...) in the start script addresses the license file ./config/sos.ini, that contains an Open Source License key for the GPL version of JobScheduler.

There is no difference between GPL and commercially licensed versions - this is a technical license key that helps to identify Commercial License holders in case of support incidents. Different license models can apply to use of the JobScheduler Universal Agent.

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