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Why does JobScheduler slow down job execution?


When running multiple jobs JobScheduler tends to slow down. Why does this happen ?


Check if the mail server settings are correctly set and that your mail server is available.

By default mails are sent by the main task of JobScheduler. Should you encounter frequent problems concerning the availability of your mail server, then this could slow down the main task that repeatedly tries to contact your mail server and might run into tcp connection timeouts

In this case you could configure JobScheduler to send mails asynchronously by a job: adding the entry mail_queue_only=yes to the ./config/factory.ini configuration file would cause JobScheduler to store mails in a directory that is specified by the setting mail_queue_dir. Sending email asynchronously will not influence the performance of the JobScheduler if mail server timeouts should occur.

See the the Solutions on Standard Jobs for details on the Job scheduler_dequeue_mail.

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