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There is no JobScheduler command to get details about its memory consumption. You can use the following shell commands where mySchedulerID has to be replaced by your JobScheduler ID.

On Linux you can use the command ps like this:

Unix command: ps
 ps -C scheduler ho vsz,cmd | grep "id=mySchedulerID " | awk '{print $1}'

On Windows you can use the programs wmic or tasklist like this:

Windows command: wmic
 for /F "usebackq skip=1" %i in (`wmic process where "name='scheduler.exe' and commandline like '%-id=mySchedulerID %'" get workingsetsize`) do @echo.%i
Windows command: tasklist
 for /F "usebackq tokens=5,6" %i in (`tasklist /FI "ImageName eq scheduler.exe" /FI "Services eq sos_scheduler_mySchedulerID" /NH`) do @echo.%i%j
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