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Supposed thatt a job cannot delete temporary files. For example, the Job scheduler_event_service (included with the base file config/scheduler_events.xml).
Temporary files are stored (Windows) e.g. in c:\temp, c:\windows\temp. The exact location depends on which value has the environment variable TMP or TEMP.

One solution is to delete the files with the houskeeping job JobSchedulerCleanupFiles (base file config/scheduler_automation_java.xml). See the documentation how to configure the job.

Example to customize the job parameters to delete the temporary files of the scheduler_event_service job older than 1 day:

          <param name = "file_path" value = "c:\tmp"/>
          <param name = "file_specification" value = "^sos.*"/>
          <param name = "file_age" value = "24:00"/>
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