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What is the best way to check the status of individual jobs?

We suggest to use the following to call to check the status:

./ status | grep job_name | grep state | awk '\{print $5\}'| awk -F"=" '\{print $2\}'

This prints the output as continuous data, so it's difficult to check for the status of a particular job.

The output currently looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?><spooler><answer time="2013-07-12
12:23:59.402"><state time="2013-07-12 12:23:59" id="scheduler_1"
spooler_id="scheduler_1" spooler_running_since="2013-07-10 12:52:01"
version="1.3.3124-b118f08157a1f8b18c836653c148c3bde5460575" pid="6596"
host="Test-mViewReport" need_db="yes" tcp_port="4460" udp_port="4460" db="jdbc
-id=spooler -class=org.postgresql.Driver
jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/scheduler_db -user=scheduler_user"
loop="13956582" waits="3603113" wait_until="2013-07-12
12:24:00.000"><jobs><job path="/AMR_SMS_FDA_DB_LOADER"
name="AMR_SMS_FDA_DB_LOADER" job="AMR_SMS_FDA_DB_LOADER" state="pending"
title="AMR_SMS_FDA_DB_LOADER" all_steps="1901" all_tasks="1901"
order="no" tasks="1" next_start_time="2013-07-12 12:24:00.000" in_period="yes"
enabled="yes"><file_based state="active"

We suggest you try:

./ status | sed -e 's;><;>\n<;g' | grep job_name | grep state | awk '\{print $5\}'| awk -F"=" '\{print $2\}'

or, to reduce the size of your answer, use:

./ command "<show_job job='job_name'/>" | sed -e 's;><;>\n<;g' | grep job_name | grep state | awk '\{print $5\}'| awk -F"=" '\{print $2\}'
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