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Deferred Features

  • Deferred features will be considered for development in a future release. Such features are not assigned to a release.
  • For the handling of Deferred Features see Release Policy - Planning Cycle
  • Feel free to vote for such features and let us know your feedback.


Key T Sub-Tasks Linked Issues Fix Version/s P Summary Status Resolution
YADE-525 Feature JOC-527 Minor YADE Command Line Client should report to the File Transfer History Deferred Unresolved
YADE-412 Feature Minor YADE should support a proxy command for SFTP routing through a proxy server Deferred Unresolved
YADE-410 Feature Minor YADE should support an FTP proxy when using the FTP protocol Deferred Unresolved
YADE-402 Feature Major YADE should perform parallel file transfers Deferred Unresolved
YADE-381 Feature Minor Filter files by file size Deferred Unresolved
YADE-380 Feature Minor Filter files by file age Deferred Unresolved
YADE-365 Feature Minor For Move operation YADE should delete sub directories from the source_dir if parameter remove_sub_dirs=true Deferred Unresolved
YADE-277 Feature YADE-234 Minor YADE should compress the source or target file when operation=zip is used Deferred Unresolved
YADE-276 Feature Minor YADE parameter banner_header and banner_footer should be used Deferred Unresolved
YADE-266 Feature YADE-339 Minor YADE provides a list of files available for transfer Deferred Unresolved
YADE-261 Feature YADE-87 , YADE-346 , YADE-349 , YADE-262 Minor File Integrity Checking Deferred Unresolved
YADE-234 Feature YADE-68 , YADE-277 Minor Pack files into a single archive that can be unpacked with a 'zip' program Deferred Unresolved
YADE-215 Feature Minor UseOrderSetBack: define wether an order has to setBack or not if no filenames matched Deferred Incomplete
YADE-214 Feature Minor YADE should provide the file name (not the path) in the file list of notification mails Deferred Unresolved
YADE-171 Feature Minor File transfer with setting concurrent_transfer=true should work for transactional behavior Deferred Unresolved
YADE-134 Feature YADE-59 YADE-129 YADE-130 YADE-131 YADE-132 YADE-136 YADE-137 Minor Implementation of additional Data Provider Deferred Unresolved
YADE-133 Feature YADE-59 Minor Allow URLs for source and target specification Deferred Unresolved
YADE-127 Feature YADE-409 Minor JMS interface for YADE Deferred Unresolved
YADE-104 Feature Minor Additional Options: define posixPermissions for folders and files Deferred Unresolved
YADE-101 Feature Minor Create unique file names instead of overwriting files Deferred Unresolved
YADE-89 Feature Minor CompressedTransfer: use the compression feature of the FTP server Deferred Unresolved
YADE-88 Feature Minor Decompress zipped archive files after transfer Deferred Unresolved
YADE-85 Feature Minor Keep connection to server during polling cycle Deferred Unresolved
YADE-45 Feature Minor Job JobSchedulerCleanupHistory should archive history entries of YADE file transfers Deferred Unresolved
YADE-28 Feature Minor Extend the status information from YADE Client to background service Deferred Incomplete
YADE-27 Feature Minor Execution of more than one transfer profile in a client session Deferred Unresolved
YADE-25 Feature Minor Send a "ping" to the source and target data provider before starting the operation Deferred Unresolved
JS-1818 Feature Minor JobScheduler Agent Windows installer should allow to specify the name of the instance script Deferred Unresolved
JS-1805 Feature Minor Allow prioritization of lock usage Deferred Unresolved
JS-1804 Feature Minor Method job_chain.add_or_replace_order() should return replaced order Deferred Unresolved
JS-1801 Feature Minor End node should be considered if the node is skipped Deferred Unresolved
JS-1784 Feature JOC-581 Minor Allow Agents to be paused and continued Deferred Unresolved
JS-1781 Feature Minor Improve JavaScript source code reference in error messages Deferred Unresolved
JS-1645 Feature Minor Installation procedure for Agent with HTTPS and authentification Deferred Unresolved
JS-1573 Feature JS-793 2.0 Minor Job chain node parameters can be specified as order parameters Deferred Unresolved
JS-1548 Feature Minor Set process priority with JobScheduler Universal Agent Deferred Unresolved
JS-1512 Feature JS-935 Minor JobScheduler should have a command to check the validity of its configuration Deferred Unresolved
JS-1478 Feature JS-1439 Minor XML Editor imports and exports XML configuration files for merge Deferred Unresolved
JS-1451 Feature JS-1343 Minor Allow a job to run tasks in different process classes Deferred Unresolved
JS-1415 Feature Minor JobScheduler SNMP Support Deferred Unresolved
JS-1397 Feature JOE-155 Minor attribute time_zone should work with element schedule Deferred Unresolved
JS-1380 Feature JS-1247 Minor New run-time management Deferred Unresolved
JS-1376 Sub-task Minor Job chains from Hot Folders should be configurable as enabled and disabled Deferred Unresolved
JS-1360 Feature JS-1375 Minor Include the contents of the log file that is attached to the error email Deferred Unresolved
JS-1344 Feature JS-1345 JS-791 , JS-1333 Minor New Log Management Deferred Unresolved
JS-1342 Feature JS-1300 Minor File groups in <file_order_source> of JobScheduler Universal Agent Deferred Unresolved
JS-1340 Feature Minor Enable Backup JobScheduler to pick up operations after graceful shutdown of a Primary JobScheduler instance Deferred Unresolved
JS-1334 Feature Minor JobScheduler variables are stored persistently Deferred Unresolved
JS-1312 Feature JS-1375 , JS-1837 , JS-1185 , JS-1195 Minor Sending mail with configurable content on success, warning, error Deferred Unresolved
JS-1308 Feature Minor JobScheduler certified integration with SAP Deferred Incomplete
JS-1230 Feature JS-1374 , JS-1720 , JS-1229 Minor The encoding of the XML answer should be UTF-8 Deferred Unresolved
JS-1211 Feature JS-1142 , JS-1300 Minor The regular expression of a file order source should support lookahead and lookbehind Deferred Unresolved
JS-1162 Feature Minor If a JobScheduler instance makes use of a Supervisor instance this information should be included with the state element of a <show_state> answer Deferred Unresolved
JS-1160 Feature JS-1156 Minor Jetty HTTP port and Jetty HTTPS port should be provided by the JobScheduler API with the Spooler object Deferred Unresolved
JS-1148 Feature Minor JobScheduler should fire an SchedulerActivatedEvent if it is completely initialized. Deferred Unresolved
JS-1142 Feature JS-1300 , JS-1211 , JS-928 Minor Using \w instead of [a-zA-Z0-9_] in a regular expression of a file order source doesn't work on Windows Deferred Unresolved
JS-1124 Feature YADE-260 Minor Enable "max_process_steps_per_task" for API jobs in a job chain Deferred Unresolved
JS-1116 Feature Minor Command <lock.remove lock="..."> should support a path Deferred Unresolved
JS-1092 Feature Minor Non-persistent Order starts immediately although start time as expired when JS is started Deferred Unresolved
JS-1065 Feature JS-1375 Minor It should be possible to set the email_on_error|warning|success temporarily with JobScheduler API Deferred Unresolved
JS-1056 Feature Minor The answer of a <show_job_chain.../> command contains an attribute distributed="yes" if the job chain is distributed Deferred Unresolved
JS-1034 Feature Minor Parameter scheduler.max_kbyte_of_db_log_entry has effect for the task log too Deferred Unresolved
JS-1002 Feature Minor The command <show_calendar> should have an attribute to filter the answer for a job or an order Deferred Unresolved
JS-1001 Feature Minor Requests from an IP address that is not authorized should be logged in scheduler.log Deferred Unresolved
JS-950 Feature Minor Enable run_time once="yes" for orders to execute just once after JobScheduler start Deferred Unresolved
JS-933 Sub-task Major Schedules from Hot Folders should be configurable as enabled and disabled Deferred Unresolved
JS-932 Sub-task Minor Process classes from Hot Folders should be configurable as enabled and disabled Deferred Unresolved
JS-931 Sub-task Minor Orders from Hot Folders should be configurable as enabled and disabled Deferred Unresolved
JS-926 Feature JS-1375 Minor The API method Mail.dequeue() should respect SMTP security settings Deferred Unresolved
JS-921 Feature JS-1375 Minor The setting mail_on_error should not create multiple mails if a job is repeated due to an order setback Deferred Unresolved
JS-910 Feature Minor Database access with Hibernate Deferred Unresolved
JS-903 Feature Minor Constraints/conditions: implement a functionality to run jobs against some conditions Deferred Unresolved
JS-850 Feature Minor JobScheduler should use OID field type instead of BYTEA for logs in PostgreSQL databases Deferred Unresolved
JS-835 Feature Minor Environment variables can be dissolved in java_class_path attribute Deferred Unresolved
JS-823 Sub-task JS-658 , JS-1333 Minor JettyPlugin - Replacing the C++ HTTP Server with Jetty Deferred Unresolved
JS-808 Feature JS-1375 Minor The mail from address can be set in an element 'log_mail_from' as a child of the 'settings' element Deferred Unresolved
JS-791 Feature JS-1344 Minor Investigate performance impact of 10s real-time logging of stdout and stderr Deferred Unresolved
JS-741 Feature JS-1300 , JS-1291 , JS-1311 Minor File order sources can be paused Deferred Won't Fix
JS-723 Feature Minor remove commands should not delete the configuration file in the Hot Folder Deferred Unresolved
JS-659 Feature Minor JobScheduler starts although no port is configured Deferred Unresolved
JS-658 Feature JS-823 , JS-1333 Minor if JobScheduler starts without port configured in scheduler.xml this should be logged Deferred Unresolved
JS-615 Feature Minor Optimize memory consumption for saving order logs into the database Deferred Unresolved
JS-574 Feature JS-551 JS-931 JS-932 JS-933 JS-1376 JS-1384 , JS-1169 Minor Enable and disable job related objects Deferred Unresolved
JS-435 Sub-task Minor Enable estimate for duration of jobs and job chains in XML configuration Deferred Unresolved
JS-434 Sub-task Minor Show estimate for duration of jobs and job chains in JOC Deferred Unresolved
JS-433 Sub-task Minor Enable estimate for duration of jobs and job chains in JOE Deferred Unresolved
JS-431 Feature JS-407 , JOC-37 Minor Enable setting a scheduling precendence in XML configuration Deferred Unresolved
JS-428 Feature Minor Job node parameters Deferred Unresolved
JS-414 Sub-task Minor Provide recovery options in JOE Deferred Unresolved
JS-413 Sub-task Minor Provide recovery options in JobScheduler API (for job_chain_node) Deferred Unresolved
JS-412 Sub-task Minor Provide recovery options in xml configuration and xml answers Deferred Unresolved
JS-411 Feature JS-412 JS-413 JS-414 Minor Recovery options for order processing after a server crash Deferred Unresolved
JS-407 Feature JS-431 , JOC-37 , JOE-100 Minor Job scheduling precedence for jobs in the same process class or with the same lock Deferred Unresolved
JS-406 Feature JS-433 JS-434 JS-435 Minor Provide estimate for duration of job and job chain executions Deferred Unresolved
JS-405 Sub-task Minor Display job chain locks in JOC Deferred Unresolved
JS-404 Sub-task Minor Manage job chain locks with JOE Deferred Unresolved
JS-403 Sub-task Minor Add job chain locks to XML configuration Deferred Unresolved
JS-402 Feature JS-403 JS-404 JS-405 Minor Locks for complete job chains Deferred Unresolved
JS-400 Sub-task Minor Show order and task parameters in JOC Deferred Unresolved
JS-399 Sub-task Minor Return order and task parameters in XML answer Deferred Unresolved
JS-398 Sub-task Minor Store order and task parameters in database Deferred Unresolved
JS-397 Feature JS-398 JS-399 JS-400 Minor Manage order and task parameters from JobScheduler history Deferred Unresolved
JS-392 Feature JS-393 JS-394 JS-1311 , JS-250 Minor Improve management of end-of-day processing, end-of-week processing, end-of-month processing Deferred Unresolved
JS-342 Feature Minor Backup JobScheduler should send mail in case of fail-over Deferred Unresolved
JS-250 Feature JS-251 JS-252 JS-253 JS-392 , JS-1311 Minor Allow non-working days (holidays) for days, hours, minutes and seconds Deferred Incomplete
JS-210 Feature JOE-77 Minor Enable mixed usage of job nodes and job chains in nested job chains Deferred Unresolved
JS-133 Feature JS-1300 Minor Allow a job start based on file events Deferred Unresolved
JS-109 Feature JS-1310 Minor Improvements for logging on order.setback() Deferred Unresolved
JS-102 Feature JS-1375 Minor include order log in warning mails for jobs with order="yes" Deferred Unresolved
JOE-100 Feature JS-407 Minor Enable scheduling precendence for jobs with JOE Deferred Unresolved
JOE-77 Feature JS-210 Minor JOE should display a hint that existing job chain nodes with jobs have to be removed before a "nested job chain" can be configured Deferred Unresolved
JOE-64 Feature Minor JOE should have an undo/redo function Deferred Unresolved
JOE-35 Feature Minor Improve user interface for job chain nodes Deferred Unresolved
JOE-32 Feature Minor The path of JOE's ini file can be parameterized Deferred Unresolved
JOC-660 Feature Minor Each Resultset list that is limited by a profile parameter should have ... three dots at the end of the list. Deferred Unresolved
JOC-654 Feature Minor JOC should show correct status of standalone master when using behind a virtual IP or application load balancer Deferred Unresolved
JOC-619 Feature Minor Audit Log view should combine views for Jobs, Orders and Job Chains Deferred Unresolved
JOC-586 Feature JOC-661 Minor Show all Task History entries of all jobs of a job chain in the Job Chains view Deferred Unresolved
JOC-584 Feature Minor Add an editor for Locks to JOC Cockpit Deferred Unresolved
JOC-582 Feature JOC-581 Minor Add an editor for process class references to JOC Cockpit Deferred Unresolved
JOC-581 Feature JS-1784 , JOC-582 Minor Add a process class editor to JOC Cockpit Deferred Unresolved
JOC-580 Feature Minor Improve usability when selecting roles and folders for user accounts Deferred Unresolved
JOC-575 Feature Minor For Job Chains view --> "show Task history" operation results are displayed slower compared to results from the Individual Job view Deferred Unresolved
JOC-557 Feature JOC-551 Minor Add operation names to audt log Deferred Unresolved
JOC-549 Feature JOC-477 , JOC-413 Minor Manage Default values for Profile Settings and Dashboard layout per user role Deferred Unresolved
JOC-545 Feature Minor Hide columns in list views Deferred Unresolved
JOC-543 Feature Minor Add node operations and job operations to Orders view Deferred Unresolved
JOC-515 Feature JOC-525 Minor The Audit Log view should provide the operation "Add to Ignore List" Deferred Unresolved
JOC-504 Feature Minor Audit Log view should display the affected node Deferred Unresolved
JOC-457 Feature Minor Provide API for site specific Dashboard custom widgets Deferred Unresolved
JOC-413 Feature JOC-477 , JOC-523 , JOC-549 Minor Policies for Profile settings and Dashboard layout can be specified in a configuration file per user role Deferred Unresolved
JOC-368 Feature Minor JOC Cockpit should allow to disable Agent Clusters Deferred Unresolved
JOC-306 Feature Minor Display job and job chain history list on the right side of the screen Deferred Unresolved
JOC-289 Feature Minor JOC Cockpit visualizes resource usage for built-in objects Deferred Unresolved
JOC-57 Feature Minor Color precedence for stopped job chains and skipped nodes Deferred Unresolved
JOC-52 Feature JS-1195 Minor Show job node documentation and job node parameters in JOC Deferred Unresolved
JOC-37 Feature JS-407 , JS-431 Minor Enable setting a scheduling precedence when starting/enqeueing a job with JOC Deferred Unresolved
JOC-36 Feature Minor Hierarchical view for process classes in the Operations GUI Deferred Unresolved
JOC-21 Feature Minor JOC can show more than one log in parallel Deferred Unresolved
JITL-534 Feature JITL-533 Minor JobScheduler Monitoring Interface - Send notifications for repeatedly failed job chain steps in JobScheduler releases starting from 1.12 Deferred Unresolved
JITL-533 Feature JITL-534 Minor JobScheduler Monitoring Interface - Send notifications for repeatedly failed job chain steps in JobScheduler release 1.10 Deferred Unresolved
JITL-489 Feature Major CheckHistory job should support relative date/time values like -6h Deferred Unresolved
JITL-472 Feature Minor Enable global persistent variables Deferred Unresolved
JITL-470 Feature Minor JobSchedulerRestClient supports client certificates Deferred Unresolved
JITL-399 Feature Minor Backup JobScheduler instance should start paused in the case of a fail over Deferred Unresolved
JITL-264 Feature JS-1132 , JS-1562 2.0 Minor Add selected job and order parameters to the JobScheduler Reporting Interface Deferred Unresolved
JITL-144 Feature JITL-123 Major Credential Store for JITL jobs Deferred Unresolved
JITL-36 Feature Minor Job SOSMailProcessInbox should select mails by age Deferred Unresolved
JID-96 Fix Minor JID should not freeze for higher record limits i.e. 30,000 Deferred Unresolved
JID-89 Feature Minor Users want to distinguish running and suspended orders in the JID by color Deferred Unresolved
JID-55 Feature Minor It should be possible to acknowledge failed job runs Deferred Unresolved

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