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Release Warning


Release 1.12.6 is broken, we strictly recommend to stick to Release 1.12.5 until Release 1.12.7 will become available.


  • Release Type: Maintenance Release
  • Date of shipment: 2018-10-04


  • No major features are introduced, this release includes exclusively bug-fixes and minor features that are designed to be free from side effects.
  • This release includes bug-fixes starting from Release 1.12.0
  • For additional information see our Release Policies


Key T Sub-Tasks Linked Issues Fix Version/s P Summary Status Resolution
YADE-527 Feature YADE-526 1.12.6 Minor YADE should support send of keep-alive messages for SFTP Released Fixed
YADE-526 Fix YADE-527 1.12.6 Major Connection from DMZ to local should be opened when transfer starts Released Fixed
YADE-524 Fix 1.12.6 Minor YADE should not log the banner twice when running on an Universal Agent Released Fixed
YADE-522 Fix 1.12.6 Major YADE running in parallel tasks should not be slower than running with a single task Released Fixed
SET-153 Feature JOC-534 1.12.6 Minor The JDBC Driver class com.mysql.jdbc.Driver is deprecated for MySQL 8 Released Fixed
SET-152 Feature JOC-534 1.12.6 Minor JobScheduler Setup should work with MySQL 8 Released Fixed
SET-151 Fix 1.12.6 Minor JOC Cockpit cannot download main and debug log when the log settings in the factory.ini are changed Dismissed Works as designed
SET-150 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Hibernate logging on the Agent is too extensive Released Fixed
SET-149 Fix JOC-521 1.12.6 Major JOC Cockpit setup upgrade Jetty server version to minimum version 9.3.24.v20180605 Dismissed Duplicate
SET-148 Feature JOC-521 1.12.6 Major Setup should remove older Jetty release if newer release is used Released Fixed
SET-147 Fix 1.12.6 Minor JobScheduler Master file should contain example configuration for the reporting log Released Fixed
SET-146 Fix JOC-534 1.12.6 Minor Setup should not fall back to MySQL driver class if a newer version of a JDBC Driver is specified Released Fixed
SET-145 Feature DOC-61 1.12.6 Minor For Oracle RAC database provide the possibility to configure JDBC-URL Dismissed Works as designed
JS-1799 Feature JOC-534 1.12.6 Minor Provide MariaDB JDBC Driver version 2.2.6 with JobScheduler Master and JOC Cockpit Released Fixed
JS-1798 Feature 1.12.6 Minor Provide a script for administrators to purge the Audit Log Released Fixed
JS-1796 Feature 1.12.6 Minor Order's state_text should be deleted when Order is reinitialized Released Fixed
JS-1792 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Web service /api/order?return=JocOrderStatistics fixed Released Fixed
JS-1791 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Plugin threads should use new EventPublisher to publish CustomEvent Released Fixed
JS-1788 Fix 1.12.6 Minor idletimeout=0 should create a new task for each job start. Dismissed Works as designed
JS-1786 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Environment variables should be substituted when used with include file references Dismissed Works as designed
JS-1785 Fix JS-419 1.12.6 Major Change to a holidays file that is included in a schedule triggers an infinite loop Released Fixed
JOC-574 Fix JOC-661 1.12.6 Major Duplicate entries in Job Chains view task history Released Fixed
JOC-573 Fix 1.12.6 Minor On small screens the Resources->Event view is broken Released Fixed
JOC-572 Fix 1.12.6 Minor History view and File Transfers view are not updated for order runs in a Backup JobScheduler Master Dismissed Cannot Reproduce
JOC-570 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Default sorting of Daily Plan entries list view should consider the planned start Released Fixed
JOC-569 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Wrong panel size for Resources->Calendar view Released Fixed
JOC-568 Fix JOC-680 1.12.6 Minor Log view window size should not grow Released Fixed
JOC-565 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Remove links without use Released Fixed
JOC-564 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Operation "Sort by" -> Status in Resources->Agent Clusters view does not work for multiple folders Released Fixed
JOC-562 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Avoid line breaks when displaying objects that offer details Released Fixed
JOC-561 Feature 1.12.6 Minor The operation "Download JOC Cockpit Log" should be visible only with the permission joc_cockpit:view:log being set Released Fixed
JOC-560 Feature 1.12.6 Major The column "Job" in the Resources->Events view is empty when the value for the job chain is empty Released Fixed
JOC-559 Fix 1.12.6 Minor The permission sos:products:joc_cockpit:jobscheduler_master:view:mainlog should be considered in the widget for all JobScheduler instances Released Fixed
JOC-558 Feature 1.12.6 Minor After updating JOC Cockpit it should not be required to clear the browser cache Released Fixed
JOC-556 Feature 1.12.6 Minor Allow Individual Job Chain view to follow link to Job Chains view Released Fixed
JOC-555 Fix 1.12.6 Minor The result set of a search in the Orders view is not refreshed Released Fixed
JOC-554 Fix 1.12.6 Minor In the Advanced Search of the File Transfers view the protocol should be provided by a combo box Released Fixed
JOC-553 Fix 1.12.6 Minor YADE History View Column Source Host is empty Released Fixed
JOC-552 Fix 1.12.6 Minor History details view for File Transfers and File Transfer view should show the columns "Source Protocol" and "Target Protocol" only in the details Released Fixed
JOC-551 Feature JOC-557 1.12.6 Minor JOC Audit log api name ./job_chain_nodes/activate does not correspond to operation "skip" Known Issue Works as designed
JOC-550 Feature 1.12.6 Minor Disable notifications from default user profile Released Fixed
JOC-548 Fix 1.12.6 Minor The selector for jobs and job chains does not work in the Advanced Search of the Events view Released Fixed
JOC-547 Fix 1.12.6 Minor JOC Profile settings options content cut off Released Fixed
JOC-546 Fix 1.12.6 Minor The Advanced Search for tasks in the History view does not consider the state when searching for more than one job Released Fixed
JOC-544 Feature 1.12.6 Minor Immediately show task history and order history when opening views for individual job chains and jobs Released Fixed
JOC-542 Feature 1.12.6 Minor Show task history of specific job with Orders Overview view Released Fixed
JOC-541 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Date and time intervals for the Advanced Search in the Jobs view and Orders view not required Released Fixed
JOC-539 Fix 1.12.6 Major Advanced search looks in a wrong interval when using 24:00 Released Fixed
JOC-538 Feature 1.12.6 Minor Advanced Search with wildcards should be supported Released Fixed
JOC-537 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Folder permissions for /jobscheduler/commands should be considered Released Fixed
JOC-536 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Advanced Search in Audit Log view does not work when specifying an Order ID Released Fixed
JOC-535 Feature 1.12.6 Minor Highlight names of Customizations and active Ignore Lists Released Fixed
JOC-534 Feature SET-152 , JS-1799 , SET-146 , SET-153 1.12.6 Major Support MySQL version 8 Released Fixed
JOC-533 Feature 1.12.6 Minor Adjust top panel size in Job Chains view, Jobs view and Orders view Released Fixed
JOC-532 Fix 1.12.6 Major Advanced Search does not work in File Transfers History view when specifying a target protocol Released Fixed
JOC-531 Fix 1.12.6 Minor "New Order State" list in the "Start Order parameterized" dialog should not contain end nodes of the job chain Released Fixed
JOC-530 Feature 1.12.6 Minor If the last open folder of a view doesn't exist in the tree after switching the JobScheduler Master instance then the '/' folder should be displayed Released Fixed
JOC-529 Fix 1.12.6 Major Order's "Next Start Time" should always be displayed Released Fixed
JOC-528 Fix JOC-520 1.12.6 Minor "Reset Order" button should be enabled for file orders and ad hoc orders in Orders Overview view Dismissed Duplicate
JOC-527 Feature YADE-525 1.12.6 Minor JOC Cockpit should allow to log in when used without a JobScheduler Master Released Fixed
JOC-526 Fix 1.12.6 Major The successful/failed File Transfers widget in the Dashboard view calls REST Web Service with wrong dates Released Fixed
JOC-525 Fix JOC-515 1.12.6 Minor REST call ./api/jobscheduler/commands should only write to Audit Log if it contains a modifying command Released Fixed
JOC-523 Feature JOC-477 , JOC-413 1.12.6 Minor User profiles should be removable to allow a default profile to be applied Released Fixed
JOC-522 Feature 1.12.6 Minor Task information should always be displayed if the job chain details are expanded Released Fixed
JOC-521 Fix SET-149 , SET-148 1.12.6 Blocker Update Jetty version to 9.4.12 due to vulnerability issues in Jetty (CVE-2018-12538, CVE-2018-12536, CVE-2017-7658, CVE-2017-7657, CVE-2017-7656) Released Fixed
JOC-520 Fix JOC-528 1.12.6 Minor In the Orders Overview view for multiple orders the "Reset Order" button is disabled Released Fixed
JOC-519 Feature 1.12.6 Minor Job Chains view search function only searches for job chain names Released Fixed
JOC-518 Feature 1.12.6 Minor Job Chains view refreshes too frequently to allow a user to perform any operation Released Fixed
JOC-517 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Profile settings are partially overwritten when switching between Master instances Released Fixed
JOC-516 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Search results in Audit Log view should not be reset after some seconds Released Fixed
JOC-514 Feature 1.12.6 Minor Clicking the link for non-current JobScheduler instance in any view results in an error Released Fixed
JOC-513 Feature 1.12.6 Minor Audit Log view should provide an option to save the "Advanced Search" filter as customization Released Fixed
JOC-512 Fix JOC-653 1.12.6 Minor Advanced Search in Audit Log view should ignore the profile parameter "Max. number of Audit Log entries" Released Fixed
JOC-511 Fix 1.12.6 Minor After some time the Orders Overview view does not refresh Released Fixed
JOC-510 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Dashboard should display JobScheduler HTTPS connection if this protocol is used Released Fixed
JOC-509 Feature 1.12.6 Minor File Transfers view should offer "Show Log" operation with the action menu Released Fixed
JOC-508 Fix 1.12.6 Major Dashboard widgets should not align or overlap after changing the layout or deleting a widget Released Fixed
JOC-507 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Theme "Midnight Blue" is renamed to "Blue-gray" Released Fixed
JOC-506 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Some themes make debug lines from logs unreadable Released Fixed
JOC-505 Fix 1.12.6 Minor JOC Cockpit should remember the last recently used log viewing criteria Released Fixed
JOC-503 Fix 1.12.6 Minor The successful/failed File Transfers widget in the Dashboard view should show values for the selected JobScheduler only Released Fixed
JOC-502 Fix JOC-501 , JITL-527 1.12.6 Minor Calendar dates in the run-time of redeployed jobs, orders or schedules should be updated automatically Released Fixed
JOC-501 Fix JOC-502 1.12.6 Major Deployment of orders and jobs should consider Calendar references Dismissed Works as designed
JOC-500 Fix 1.12.6 Major Wrong display of dates in calendar for some timezones Released Fixed
JOC-499 Fix 1.12.6 Major The filters in the history view for "last 24 hours" and "last 7 days" return wrong values Released Fixed
JOC-498 Fix 1.12.6 Major The relative and absolute time attributes in the Advanced Search in the History should consider user time zones Released Fixed
JOC-497 Feature 1.12.6 Minor The tree items for selecting objects for the Advanced Search should be sorted Released Fixed
JOC-496 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Saving a customization to an existing name disables the "Save" button Released Fixed
JOC-495 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Customizations for the History view Advanced Search cannot be saved Released Fixed
JOC-494 Fix 1.12.6 Minor The Jobs Overview view available from the Dashboard should select/deselect all items Released Fixed
JOC-492 Fix 1.12.6 Minor If the database is not reachable on login then JOC Cockpit displays message "Account or password is wrong" Released Fixed
JOC-491 Fix 1.12.6 Blocker For JobScheduler passive cluster after fail-over Calendars are not displayed Released Fixed
JOC-490 Fix 1.12.6 Major The YADE File Transfer History and File Transfers View are corrupt Released Fixed
JOC-489 Fix 1.12.6 Minor Web Service /yade/transfer/order throws NPE for Orders generated by FileOrderSource Released Fixed
JOC-488 Fix 1.12.6 Minor For nested job chains <modify_hot_folder/> command on order creates an extra order Released Fixed
JOC-486 Fix 1.12.6 Minor It should be possible to search with a regular expression in the Advanced Search of the File Transfers history Released Fixed
JOC-459 Fix 1.12.6 Minor JOC Cockpit should remember the log view window position Released Fixed
JITL-492 Fix 1.12.6 Minor The JobSchedulerRemoveFile job should report the reason why a remove operation is not successful Released Fixed
JITL-488 Fix JITL-531 1.12.6 Minor Fact Plugin should ignore File Sink Released Fixed
JITL-487 Fix 1.12.6 Minor JITL Job checkHistory does not set error attribute when checking job chains Released Fixed
JITL-482 Fix JITL-500 1.12.6 Major Task of an SSH Job on an Agent doesn´t finish Released Fixed
JITL-473 Feature JITL-554 1.12.6 Minor Enable use of a Credential Store for jobs Released Fixed


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