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  • Release Type: Public Maintenance Release
  • Date of shipment: 2018-10-23


  • No major features are introduced, this release includes exclusively bug-fixes and minor features that are designed to be free from side effects.
  • This release includes bug-fixes starting from Release 1.12.0
  • For additional information see our Release Policies


Key T Sub-Tasks Linked Issues Fix Version/s P Summary Status Resolution
YADE-534 Fix 1.12.7 Minor YADE JITL job throws an error when settings file is a symlink or shortcut Released Fixed
YADE-529 Fix YADE-535 1.12.7 Major YADE throws a null pointer exception when running standalone Released Fixed
YADE-528 Fix 1.12.7 Major Restart of failed YADE file transfers does not work Released Fixed
SET-154 Fix 1.12.7 Minor Functionality to cleanup YADE entries in the reporting database is broken Released Fixed
SET-142 Feature SET-143 , JOE-281 1.12.7 Minor JOE standalone Setup should ask for the default live folder Released Fixed
JS-1807 Fix 1.12.7 Major Web service ./api/order?return=JocOrderStatistics should also work for distributed orders with PostgreSQL Released Fixed
JS-1797 Fix JITL-481 1.12.7 Minor In nested job chains wrong values for the "end_time" column are created for the last job chain node Released Fixed
JS-1790 Feature JS-1190 1.10.11, 1.12.7 Minor Order steps should be considered successful if a task's exit code is handled by <on_return_code> configuration Released Fixed
JS-1789 Fix 1.10.11, 1.12.7 Blocker Universal Agent should not eat inotify user_instances Released Fixed
JOC-601 Fix 1.12.7 Minor Running orders of a distributed job chain should have all volatile information even if the order is processed by a cluster member that is not JOC's current Master Released Fixed
JOC-600 Fix 1.12.7 Minor Search in the daily plan for an absolute time range does not work Released Fixed
JOC-599 Fix JOC-577 1.12.7 Minor JOC Cockpit should close database connection when a session is completed Released Fixed
JOC-598 Fix 1.12.7 Minor Number of successful tasks reported by Dashboard view and History view differ Dismissed Bogus
JOC-597 Fix JOC-684 1.12.7 Minor Number of pending jobs in Dashboard view and Jobs Overview view differ Released Fixed
JOC-596 Fix 1.12.7 Minor Number of failed orders in Dashboard view and History view differ Released Fixed
JOC-595 Fix 1.12.7 Major Display of start times in Daily Plan view should consider time zone Dismissed Won't Fix
JOC-591 Feature 1.12.7 Minor JOC Cockpit "Resources->Agent Job Executions" view should allow Customizations and relative dates in "Advanced Search" Released Fixed
JOC-590 Fix 1.12.7 Major Running order and task logs of an active cluster should be displayed even if the order or task is processed by a cluster member that is not JOC's current Master Released Fixed
JOC-589 Fix 1.12.7 Minor JOC API ./tasks/history throws error JOC-420 for taskIds parameter Released Fixed
JOC-588 Fix 1.12.7 Blocker Update Jackson version to >= 2.9.5 due to vulnerability issue in Jackson (CVE-2018-7489) Released Fixed
JOC-587 Fix 1.12.7 Minor The full parameter name should be visible with JOC Cockpit for the operations "Resume Order parameterized", "Start Order parameterized" for orders and "Start Task parameterized" for jobs Released Fixed
JOC-585 Fix 1.12.7 Minor JOC Cockpit should support long values for the session timeout Released Fixed
JOC-583 Fix 1.12.7 Major Log view window passes wrong parameters to the web service if an ampersand is included with one of the parameters Released Fixed
JOC-579 Feature 1.12.7 Minor Allow individual notifications per Agent from System Monitor active checks Released Fixed
JOC-578 Fix JOC-440 , JOC-576 1.12.7 Minor the ./task/log api should send only the task log Released Fixed
JOC-577 Fix JOC-599 1.12.7 Major JOC Cockpit should close database connection when the service has been shut down Released Fixed
JOC-576 Fix JOC-578 1.12.7 Minor Order Job's task history shows running Order's Log in place of Task log Dismissed Duplicate
JITL-511 Fix 1.12.7 Major Daily Plan misses every 4th entry when start time is 00:00 Released Fixed
JITL-505 Fix 1.12.7 Minor When using the configuration monitor in a standalone JITL job the job does not start Released Fixed
JITL-504 Fix 1.12.7 Blocker JITL Sync Job does not work Released Fixed
JITL-503 Fix 1.12.7 Major Substitution of special parameters does not work Released Fixed
JITL-502 Fix 1.12.7 Blocker Node parameters no longer work in JITL Jobs Released Fixed
JITL-501 Fix 1.12.7 Blocker The JITL SSH job should substitute parameters in script Released Fixed
JITL-500 Fix JITL-482 1.12.7 Blocker SSH Job does end with an error when using a script Released Fixed
JITL-499 Fix 1.12.7 Blocker The JITL jobs SOSSSHJob2JSAdapter, JobSchedulerPLSQLJob should not throw NPE when used in a job chain Released Fixed
JITL-497 Fix JITL-496 1.12.7 Major The "FactPlugin" should synchronize the reporting tables completely Released Fixed
JITL-496 Feature JITL-497 1.12.7 Minor Cleanup scripts for databases should consider incomplete orders Released Fixed
JITL-495 Fix 1.12.7 Minor YADE should handle the JSCH-111 bug Released Fixed
JITL-494 Fix 1.9.14, 1.10.11, 1.12.7 Major JobSchedulerManagedMailJob should read smtp settings from factory.ini completely Released Fixed
JITL-486 Feature JITL-211 1.12.7 Minor Provide a job that forces execution of late jobs and job chains Released Fixed
JITL-481 Fix JS-1797 1.12.7 Minor In the nested job chains of two chain nodes for second job chain the order history shows the wrong duration Released Fixed


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