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  • An outage of JOC Cockpit in most situations does not affect execution of workflows and jobs. Due to the resilient architecture JS7 components products work autonomously.
  • The JOC Cockpit is used to manage the inventory of objects and monitor the execution of workflows by Controllers and Agents. This means that in case of an outage users are blind, but it doesn't mean that jobs are not running.
  • If JOC Cockpit is not available then:
    • users cannot login to the JOC Cockpit and cannot check the status of workflow execution by orders. Users cannot check the logs of workflows and jobs.
    • users cannot manage the inventory, modify and deploy workflows and related objects. Orders cannot be submitted.

  • Testing by SOS includes performing tests for the scenario when the JOC Cockpit is not available for 24 hours and the Agent executes all scheduled orders. When the JOC Cockpit is started again then the JOC Cockpit History will be updated with the results of job executions and this information will become visible in the GUI.