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Table of Contents

Training Options

  • Sales Partners offer the same SOS offers commercial Training Options to their its customers as SOS.
  • Training is considered an essential prerequisite for smooth operation of complex software. 
      Sales Partners ask their customers to book trainings as applicable for the customer's operational needs.
    • It is not a good idea to skip training services and to postpone requests for service (advice, questions) by customers to a later support period.Sales Partners answer to requests for service of their customers. The SOS support team cannot accept requests for service from a Sales Partner's customers as there is no contractual relation between SOS and a Sales Partner's customers.
    • SOS offers standard trainings and individually tailored training sessions.
  • Contact SOS if you would like to receive a quotation for training: 


  • Document: sos_product_training_services-customers.pdf
  • Purpose: provides an overview of the available Training Options for customers.
    Application: document is handed over to prospective customers.




  • Partners offer Training Options as stated in the above-mentioned documents to their customers.
  • Partners are free to offer additional training options on their behalf.